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Purchase & Entitlement Tracking
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Automation of tasks
Product Recognition Service
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Federated Management


"when you walk into a library, you expect to see a librarian.
Who or what is looking after your software library?"

Move beyond Access Control with Consumption Measurement and included Analytics.

Sassafras AllSight

Sassafras AllSight is an award winning hardware and Software Asset Management (SAM) suite that integrates hardware & software audit inventories with purchase histories, usage tracking, and active software license management to give you comprehensive oversight and control.

Sassafras AllSight gives you the data and automated management that is necessary to both document and maintain compliance while making best use of software assets and managing your IT budget.

Accurate Inventory Data
Get an accurate picture of all the computers at your site, including hardware properties, hot fixes, and all installed programs.
Software Product Recognition
Automatically get product details that are relevant to your organisation with the cloud based Product Recognition Service (PRS).
Policy-driven Software Licensing
Log usage of Products, and even enforce licensing based on any common licensing metric. Apply different policies depending on where a program launch occurs.
Software Purchase & Entitlement Tracking
Purchase data automatically generates an accurate computation of Effective License Position, even for complex entitlements like upgrades and expired licenses.
Usage & Optimisation Reports
Extensive collection of customisable reports provides data not only on deployment but also on actual usage and Software License Optimisation.
Dashboards and Web Reporting
User configurable dashboard with over 50 widgets. Automate delivery per schedule & RSS. Lab/PC Availability Maps to show real time PC availability with predictive analysis & heat maps.
Cross platform & Virtual
Client support for virtual and physical computers running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Solaris OS’s for seamless management. Management can be from Windows or Mac console with web based reports.
Automation of Tasks
Many tasks are automated, yet still allow for granular control. Eg: Automatic recovery of abandoned licenses, Automated Product Definition management, Automated PC assignment. Plus a full Javascript automation engine.
License Metrics
All standard desktop and datacentre license types can be managed, including: Site, Node, Lease, User, User Lease, Concurrent,Processor Value Unit (PCU), Socket (CPU) and Core. Deny, Grant, or just Log Usage, and even schedule usage per time/day.
Carrot or Stick
Sassafras AllSight solves the problem of being underlicensed, the 'stick' of not being legal. Or the 'carrot' of being overlicensed, where you can potentially save $ and reduce your license use. Be ready for the cost and liability risk of an external audit.
All components are highly integrated, and whilst say Purchase Records can be used independently when used together provide great insight and power. Sassafras AllSight integrates with external systems such as Active Directory and other Authentication schemes. Export to many data types including ODBC.
Hundreds of reports can be generated from built-in customisable report templates for audit, usage, compliance and optimisation, plus charting reports such as histogram, daily and weekly analytics. Further all reports can be set to report per time period and customisable per hours per day, days per week and via a schedule.
Industry Support
Deeply involved with ISO Standards. Chosen by many software vendors as their tool of choice for license management..
Codie Award winner. ITAM Review #1 in Customer Satisfaction. BSA listed tool. IAITAM & SIIA Member.
SSL for web reporting and an optional trusted service protocol for client communication provides security of your data.
Federated Management
Only trusted Administrators can view/edit data for their area. All components can be managed with password access along with ACLs ensure granular control per Administrator. Journal logging of configuration changes per Administrator.


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