Customer Testimonials

KeyServer has been working flawlessly for us, I've been very happy.
Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide
Your service has always been spectacular. And K2 is a rock in the midst of chaos. Keyserver has become more popular this year than I ever imagined. A tribute to its reliability and ease of use.
Rurik Spence Colby College
I’ve worked with your product now for many years, and I have never worked with a server or technology which is as simple to use and just runs year after year after year. The only thing that changes is the increased capabilities. K2’s reliability, cross platform support, and incredible functionality amaze me. You all are to be congratulated.
Chuck White US Defense Contractor (company name withheld)
Once again, you’ve anticipated my needs. Thanks!
Steve Burling University of Michigan
We have been running KeyServer for over two years and have not had a single problem. Let me stress this point, we have not had any problems. The product has continued to pay for itself throughout its life cycle, from client deployment and server setup to day-to-day functionality and server fault tolerance. I use KeyServer as the benchmark for evaluating all of our corporate software. KeyServer is not only an example of what great license management software should be but it is an example of great network management software.
James Wright VOA Associates Inc.
KeyServer is a tool that in my view is one of the very best in software license management.
Michael Alves IBM Global Services
KeyServer is the most flexible, resource efficient and least obtrusive software management product out there. Plus, it runs in Thin Client environments. We have successfully tested it on Windows Terminal Server and WinFrame.
Schyler Jones Taylor Group: for IBM
We’re very pleased with our choice of KeyServer. We’ve expanded our use and rely on it heavily. We couldn’t offer half of what we do without it and most people don’t know it’s there. We’ve also been able to establish licensing contracts a lot more smoothly with this in place. It’s a well-respected product.
Neil Clarke Drew University
The Linux software installed very easy, I’ll highly recommend K2 to my other net-admin friends!
Frank Maestas Technology Training Systems Inc
Sassafras is the best company that I have experienced for customer & technical support. ‘‘Over the past year, I am instantly connected with a knowledgeable technician who is genuinely willing to work out any licensing problem. Usually when companies make a great product and grow in size as a result, customer support suffers. ‘‘Not so with Sassafras. ‘‘They focus on one product and support it perfectly. ‘‘KeyServer is an amazing product but its support is even better.
Tom Hammond University of Akron
I never have trouble with your software and the people I talk to always have good information. You write software like I’d like all software to be written and you treat me like I want to be treated.
Keith Handley Amherst College
Sassafras is THE very best software publisher with whom I’ve ever dealt.
Joe Smith University of Wisconsin
KeyServer had more of the ‘must haves’ than any other product. It was the only tool that could offer real-time software license compliance at an enterprise level. That made it a perfect match for BBC’s needs.
Neil MacArthur British Broadcasting Corporation
We use K2/KeyServer to block the use of peer-to-peer, file sharing software. Our management is happy to know that K2 protects our company both from the legal exposure of unauthorized copyrighted works, and from the security risk of questionable software.
Libby Lester Martin/Williams Advertising
Just think it needs to be said that the Sassafras dev and support team are some of the best and most responsive I’ve had the privilege of dealing with. Thanks, and please extend my gratitude to the rest of the team. Salute!
Brian Warsing Simon Fraser University
I told the person I was helping “just watch, I’ll click send and I’ll have a reply within the hour!” You didn’t let me down! I heard back from you in only about 20 minutes!
Laura Knobel-Piehl Minneapolis Star Tribune
Before we started using K2, our annual numbers were just a guess. Now, with K2’s reports, we save money.
Libby Lester Martin/Williams Advertising
You and your entire crew have always been extremely helpful when we’ve needed it, and we will not hesitate to ask when we need it next.
Ethan Benatan Reed College
Recently had a request to know how much downtime the Administrative keyServer has had in the past year and was able to say, ‘What downtime?’ Last week, installed a seat-count license upgrade for the Academic KeyServer and took both servers to the latest release, and nobody noticed. Happy customers, happy sysadmin.
Laurie Larson Princeton University
I wanted to mention that these days, when the opposite of good customer and tech support tends to be the norm, it’s always great having a team like you guys at Sassafras! So, be sure that I’ll always spread the word about how good your product is and the extraordinary level of support that you provide any time there is any need for it.
Augusto Sandroni San Diego Community College District
We absolutely love KeyServer and would not be able to run our labs without it! The program is fantastic. And everyone at Sassafras is always a joy to work with. I have nothing but the highest praise to pass along.
Ken Rosenberry Pennslylvania State University
Thank you for all your help. I must admit when I first emailed Sassafras about this I didn’t expect much of a response based on interactions I’ve had with other software companies. You and your coworkers have gone out of your way to assist in developing our solution. I’d highly recommend you and your company to others.
David Mastny Cuyahoga Community College
With KeyServer I can provide my users with no-fuss access to all the programs we own without any piracy guilt. We love the log features for handy, accurate stat keeping on our users, and so does the department head. In over a year I never had a problem with KeyServer. It’s compatible with everything!
Lizzie Z. Saltz Stanford University Medical Center
You people rock, your product rocks. Why cant Sassafras make all the software we use?
Kurt Watson (company name withheld by request)
That was one of the easiest server upgrades I have ever performed. You guys make some incredibly slick software.
Ben Sietsema University of Minnesota
You guys have a rock solid product.
Brian Hoort Michigan State University
It is refreshing to speak immediately with someone who can answer my questions without being routed to half a dozen people. KeyServer has greatly reduced the time it takes to manage our software distribution and auditing. The reports we generate from KeyServer are critical communication tools used in management’s decisions with regard to software acquisition and IT budgeting.
Robert Gerhart Georgia Institute of Technology
I turned the KeyServer on two years ago and I have never had to touch it again since. It just works. The program is about as easy as it can get. Setting up the server and controlling programs was incredibly easy. I had it working with programs inside an hour. As the internal software policeman, this makes my job a lot easier. Thanks again for all of your support! I love the stats that I can gather. Very interesting to see program usage (or lack thereof). . .
Jim Davenport Corpus Christi Independent School District
KeyServer is performing brilliantly. After a while you just forget it’s there. It appears to have no performance penalties, even on the antiquated network we have here.
Anthony Gerrish Racal Defence Electronics, Berkshire, UK
KeyServer is a fine piece of software. It will save us thousands of dollars this year, and is allowing us to make more informed software purchasing decisions.
Nigel Kersten University of New South Wales, Australia
We love your version 6 KeyServer. Putting your logs into a MySql Db was the best thing ever for us. The way we are able to manipulate data to discover usage patterns is awesome.
Kyle Barber University of California, San Diego
Sassafras support is by far the best of all my 300+ software vendors.
Scott Lemm, Software License Coordinator Organization name withheld by request
After almost a year of using KeyServer, we are very happy with the whole thing. I have to say this is one of the greatest tools we?ve ever used. Not one single problem in one year!
Christian Rellstab ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
We love it, it’s easy, and it saves us a ton of money on software. If you run computer labs, you’re wasting time and money if you don’t have K2.
Chris Jones University of Oregon
Sassafras delivers the best software support period. I really appreciate it.
David Mathog California Institute of Technology
When our internal auditor conducted audits of our software licenses, it was an easy process. With KeyServer he could conduct the audits in a fraction of the time, without disruption. The reports were so detailed that he was satisfied immediately.
Ken Tuley Albuquerque Public Schools
It was just stunning to get such stellar service. It is so refreshing to find a company small enough to give a darn, and big enough to be be able to afford programmers who know their ear from their elbow.
Robert Armitage Carnegie Mellon University
I am finding more and more use for K2 every day. I am amazed at how powerful the application can be and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others that are attempting to do the right thing in regards to licensing.
Andrew McLean Hassell Pty Ltd, Australia
Sassafras is truly a model company to work with. I know of no other company that is as responsive to users needs and concerns.
Surajit Bose Stanford University
We have been evaluating KeyServer for a couple of weeks now and it’s a fantastic product! Plus, your help desk has been very fast to reply to my questions each time I send email.
Shawn Rappaport TDK R&D Corporation
I thank you for your assistance and the fact that someone called me on the phone and talked me through various aspects of the possible problems. Your customer service is excellent!
Steven Hendrickson University of Texas, Austin
KeyServer is by far the most stable software product that we use. It has had very few problems during the past five years that we have been using it. When there was a problem, we were able to get excellent technical support from Sassafras with no delay and usually a fix that same day.
Jim Hammer Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
I also wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your company’s product and the latest features. It is wonderful to just set it up and not have to worry about it.
Dennis Engholm Iowa State University
It’s quite impressive that it just keeps working despite my neglect.
Torii Ott California Polytechnic State University
I work with the tech support people at many companies as part of my duties here. I wanted to let you know that in my experience, this kind of service is far above the norm.
Lance Gallup (company name withheld by request)
KeyServer has allowed our department to gain control of software distribution very nicely. It is very easy to use and understand.
Brenda Quon Northern Telecom Canada Ltd.
You have provided the best tech support I have ever experienced from a software vendor. I have been in this business for decades and I’m amazed by Sassafras Software ? K2 just works and is probably the most reliable software we have in place.
Chris Broome Retired from a large technological university
The unanimous conclusion of all of the staff members involved in our research and review is that KeyServer is clearly the best product available.
Rich Langheim Ridgewood Public Schools
We’re consistently amazed by the power and simplicity of this product. I wanted to say that, because we keep finding new things that it can do, and does do. I wish other software makers would be as concise and efficient as you. KeyServer really has been a good product for us, and we’re probably not even using half of what we know it can do, much less what we don’t know.
Eric Field University of Virginia
We have a 300-client license and it’s one of the most important services we provide for our Researchers. Scientific software is often prohibitively expensive for individuals to buy, particularly in today’s economic environment, and K2 offers us a very elegant solution. I think it’s a great package easy to install and manage, rock solid and reliable it hasn’t crashed once in the 7 years we’ve been running it.
Alastair Downie IT Manager, Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Thanks for making such a great suite of software.
Jim Grisham Illini Media Company
You give the very best support of any company that I have ever dealt with. I am truly amazed at how quickly you always respond to questions that we have. You seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Your wonderful service is what any company should strive towards and you can quote me on that.
Beverly Shepherd University of Wisconsin
Thank you for your information and help. You and your company have been awesome to work with.
Ryan Drown Purdue
I also wanted to tell you how pleased we are with your company’s product and the latest features. It is wonderful to just set it up and not have to worry about it.
Dennis Engholm Iowa State University
I just upgraded KeyServer from 6.2 to (a direct upgrade across 4 major versions) in the middle of the morning. Everything works and no one noticed any downtime. My compliments to the programmers and technical writers on an extremely smooth and coherent process!
Daniel McIntyre Carroll University
I don’t think I’ve told you recently how fantastic your support is and how much we rely on you. You continually deliver outstanding support and never fail to exceed all the expectations that we have!
Sonia Davies University of South Wales, UK
What an impressive upgrade to KeyServer. The Dashboard changes it to an enterprise level system with a very attractive and user friendly interface.
Mark Noonan Queensland University of Technology
As a long time customer (almost 20 years), the service and expert support are stellar. Amazing tool (secure, reliable, cost effective) – it’s invaluable to our campus. The product just works and we would place it in our “Top 3” all time apps toolbox. The developers and owners listen closely to feedback and continually move K2 forward. Kudos on the recent upgrade/dashboards/widgets – great stuff, enterprise class!
Craig J. Schultz California Polytechnic State University